HACCP App Version 8.1.3-3

Error Handling

  • Manual sync trigger: Some customers have reported problems which are related to synchronization problems of the mobile devices: The devices are online, but do not sync to the server. The effect is, that tasks/checklists jump to “undone” once the checklist is expired. In order to fix this problem, we have implemented a manual sync trigger. The online status has been moved from the app menu to the main screen in form of a button. A click on the button will trigger the synchronization.

  • Improved diagnostics: Some customers have also reported that checklists sometimes do not appear on their devices. This problem cannot reproduced by us and shows arbitrary behaviour: Sometimes it happens, sometimes not. In order to tackle the problem, an improved diagnostic feature has been implemented which allows us to have more insight in the data base on customers´ devices.

Further improvements

  • The logout dialogue of the app has been renamed to “Leave department” instead of “login”.